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You can order the magazine via credit card OR you can order by mail as you have in past years. Thank you for your readership …

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Hoosier Basketball Magazine is excited to announce that you can now order the magazine electronically.


You can order the 2022 - 2023 magazine electronically with a credit card. You can determine how you receive the magazine; either having a hard copy sent to you, or you can purchase a PDF version of the magazine which you download.



The 2022-2023 Issue is now available via sales at games HBM covers as well select local stores. 


Soon you will be able to become a Hoosier Basketball Magazine member. As a member you will be able to purchase individual season PDF’s, special edition versions, or even be able to purchase access to entire decades.

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Order Electronically

Order your copy of Hoosier Basketball Magazine now!

This is the 52nd annual issue. 

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